Entropic is the psytrance project and DJ name of Jonathan Snyder. Jon has been mixing psytrance for about 5 years and has been involved with music production in various forms for over ten. Raised on healthy doses of punk, art-rock, bluegrass, and jazz, music has been a large part of his life since a very young age. Jon began learning to record bands in high school and went on to pursue life as a recording engineer, a path which eventually led to him obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering. It was during the time of wrapping up his degree at the university that he began to develop an interest in electronic music. During a summer music festival, with a bit of luck, Jon accidentally found himself listening to the funky-chunky rumble-rumble of psytrance. His introduction to the world of psytrance began with full-on and progressive. Through the last few years and with much inspiration from west coast psy parties, Jon has developed a passion for forest, hitech, and experimental psytrance. Entropic strives to tell or create a story with each DJ set, while listening to the energy of the space and the dancefloor and adapting to the musical needs of the environment.