nivlemNivlem got his start DJing in the mid 1990s with a hodgepodge collection of electronic music. Shortly after, he was introduced to GOA sounds and knew he had landed. While he still spins across the spectrum of electronic music, he is at home with psytrance. Within that particular vein, he gravitates towards twilight, forest, dark, and experimental styles. Being a lifelong skateboarder has an influence on his mixing style. Like carving a bowl or surfing a ditch, he flows with the momentum of tracks and smoothly changes the energy while sometimes doing quick technical maneuvers and trusting the overall physics of the music. He spins music for the dancefloor and his own edification. He is addicted to things that go DOOF. He is very proud to represent Pelorum Records along with Samana Records and his ATX based crew, FYB.