Okklumentim is the evolution of the sound from Tim Kallenberger. As a Drummer in various Hardcore & Punk Bands, Tim was always addicted to fast and powerful music styles. His electric dance music journey started in 2007, as a Jungle/Drum & Bass DJ. After two Years he decided to go back to the roots of making music instead of just mixing tracks from other artists. in 2009 he went to his first psychedelic festival experience and was really overwhelmed from the dark side of this music genre. Experimenting with psychedelic sound design and production he was hiding in his cave for long time, just playing on small parties and festivals of his friends. His first alter ego „Timborium“ was more hitech related, but always with a touch of darkness inside. Willing to go back to a more „handmade“ sound Okklumentim was born in 2019, focussing on dark atmospheres and textures from his modular system and Virus TI, combined with acoustic drums and field recordings inspired by nature.