Ash Mittal, a half indian half Swedish is the whizzed boffin behind the project Saurorpheus.

Saurorpheus is a wordplay between Sauron - The dark mystical creature & Orpheus - Greek God of sound

His first connection to Psytrance music happened through an underground gathering in the outskirts of Stockholm, and was astonished by the culture, the music and the vibe, thats what started the journey.

The Sounds in this project are made with synths like Nord lead 2 , Access Virus T1 , Moog voyager, Bass station 2, Tetra along with some modular buddies like Winter Modular Eloquencer, Make Noise Phonogene , Qu-bit scanned and prism, Intellijel Quadrax, Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 and black modulator for cooking them unqiue sounds.

The Project focuses on interpreting the chronology of similar bifurcated emotions of humankind to twist down their desire to believe in a nature to carry forward the active conscience provided by our higher power through harmonic forms of strapping symphonies altogether with terminated forms of a living life.

He is focused on his ongoing works with his home label Madmuzik based in Kuwait. He shares a newly reformed friendship with Psyren and plans to continue to appear on Pelorum releases.